Monday, March 21, 2011

Teething and Tantrums!

My littlest monster is teething. I wish i could take all the pain away from him. Since i cant, i make sure i have tons and tons of teethers in the freezer! I just want to say thank you very very much to the mom that created those. {and i say mom, because clearly a mom thought of something that cleaver :)}
My three year old angel had a sleepover with Grammy last night. He loves sleeping in her bed, and having snacks with her! Today, however, when i came to get him, he began to get testy with me. {Clearly i am not his grammy} He is such a good boy all day, and then BAM attitude! I guess thats what happens when you turn three!

On a happy note, Lucky the Leprachaun came to our house on St. Patricks day... check out the pictures of his adventure!

{ Lucky stopped and used the potty (Green Pee Pee) I just didnt get a picture before it was flushed!}

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