Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Love Letter To My Babies

Dearest Braxton & Boden,
I never knew what true love was until you came into my life. Everyday i love you more and more. Braxton, you saved me. I was selfish, and materialistic. Self absorbed, and naive. Once we found out you were growing in my belly, my whole life changed. Suddenly, i knew that i had found my true purpose. Your daddy and i cherished the time you were in my belly. It was the begining of a new life for us. Once you came, it was immediate love. I remember crying when i had to leave you at the hospital, and not sleeping very well at all that night. Though things didnt work out with your daddy and i, we both love you, and are so greatful for the moments we had together, because you came from it. I wouldnt change anything for the world. Boden, You are the perfect end to our family. I love watching you explore the world around you. Watching the way you look at your brother, and love him unconditionally warms my heart in an unimaginable way. You are growing everyday, and your little personality is so sweet. You are the calm one in our family, and sometimes i feel bad that you live in our zoo! {Someday you will be part of our craziness too!}
I cannot wait to see the young men you will both become. I promise you that i will do everything i can to help mold you into the best men you can possibly be. I will nurture you, push you, be there for you, support your decisions, and always always be proud of you. {My sweet Brax just brought me a dandelion}
I thank you both so much for showing me my true calling in life. {To be your mommy}

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