Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Bookshelf Makover!!!

Yay, So i have finally gotten to my mother in laws house to make another post! :) I have a new love... and its refinishing old furinture. I had an old ugly bookshelf, that was this hideous greenish color. I didnt know what it was going to be for. and THEN.... It was a perfect fit for our toilet room. We needed some extra storage ( i have a TON of bathroom stuff) so i decided to redo it! It took us like 3 nights to sand and scrape the paint off. Once we did, i painted it, screwed hooks onto it, painted a dowell to match, made curtains for it, and put cute ends on the dowell! Its a very off color, so i felt like i needed to tie it into the main portion of our bathroom, so i also painted a cute little box and added a fabric flower to match. :) Here are the pictures of all the hard work!
 My Husband hard at work scraping paint!
 We took it all apart to get the paint better!!
 The Finished product!
 Curtains Closed!!
 Cute Knobs!
My adorable hair accessories basket!

I am almost finished with my chalkboard, and get to go pick up my china hutch thursday!!!