Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Very First "Mommy Review"

I love to buy new things... so as i do, i will do a post on them, so that you all know when i LOVE a product, or whether its not really worth buying. I read reviews before i buy things... because money is precious these days, and returns are hassels!!
So here goes my first review!
I bought a dexbaby baby food processor because my kitchenaide food processor mysteriously stopped working {and i tried for days!} I broke down and looked on bedbathandbeyond.com {i have a giftcard which made it nice} and found a few different ones. I finally settled on a "cheaper" one, because my little one will only have purees for a few more months before its chunkier food.
I bought some organic yams for my little monster, and decided to give it a whirl. After skimming the directions {how hard could a food processor be anyways?} I went for it!

I skinned the yams, and chopped them into roughly 1" cubes.  {I also threw in some organic apples} I debated steaming it all for a quick minute, but decided to test this processor to see just how good it was! I added a little bit of filtered water into the cup thats used for the processing. Then filled up the cup with my produce!

The lid has the blade on it, so i screwed the lid on tight. After tipping it upside down i realized that my lid had a leak. I found that it is VERY VERY important that you screw this thing on correctly, or it leaks out everywhere. The rest is SUPER easy. All you have to do, is tip the container over, line up the twisty things {my technical term for the little thing that lines up with the blade inside.} and simply push down on the top of the container.

It took me about a minute, to realize i needed a tad bit more water. I added a bit shook it up, and thirty seconds later... TAH DAH! I had organic babyfood.

Ziplock brand makes the perfect size tupperware that are freezer safe for babyfood. I made a whole bunch up and threw them in the freezer. SOOO nice on busy days when i cant make something fresh.
All in all, I LOVE this machine. It is very user friendly, and it does everything i need it to, quickly. I feel like i will continually use this thing, {for smoothies} even after my baby is done with his food!
I hope this was helpful to anyone interested in making their own babyfood... its nice to know that a cheap verison, actually works well!

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