Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Project Down!

So despite the MILLION things i have had going on, i finished another project! I bought an old chalkboard from a local antique store as a project. It took me a while to figure out a color, but its finally done... AND I HAVE PICTURES!!!

Its been a while, but lately there has been a million things going on... which leads to an oral surgery tomorrow! woohoo! :) My babies are going through growth spurts. Bo decided to quit nursing cold turkey on MOTHERS DAY! It has been incredibly difficult. I have been a mess. But i realized that i AM lucky. I had 10 wonderful months of nursing, and instead of having to wean Bo and break his little heart, he cut me off! Now i am going through the engorgement stage... YUCK!
Brax on the other hand has figured out how to lie. LOL. He is a very smart boy, but i was just not ready for this yet! He told me that he had eaten all the mini waffles (he begged for at 4 in the AFTERNOON) so he could have some chicken. I told him to bring me his empty plate. He did... then i later found the mini waffles in the bathroom garbage. LOL! We had a looooong conversation about what a fib was. He hasnt done it again, but i am not holding my breath by any means!
The blessed life of a mother. We are so very lucky as women to get to raise children! (even when they are little monkeys!)

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